What Was Sue Stewart Looking For?

I checked out a book the other day from the library: Leeann Whiffen’s A Child’s Journey Out of Autism. The book details the moving story of Leeann’s family’s struggle with autism.

One night as a I lay in bed reading the book (already have been into the book for several days), a little square piece of note paper dropped from between the latter pages of the book.

A note

The note reads:

Sue Stewart
(Phone number)
Looking for Indian Man + Woman
Pilgrim boy + girl

What an odd thing to look for! Eventually it dawned on me that Sue might be looking for actors to play parts in a Thanksgiving Play, but I wasn’t sure. It was late at night, mind you.

The next day I thought again about the note. I didn’t have the gumption to call Sue and ask her about it. Instead, I decided to post the note here and see what you all thought.

So, what do you think?


  1. I’m afraid it is for something for more sinister. Perhaps nefarious.

    I’d be careful as there may be bad vibes coming from the slip of paper.

  2. @ forkboy1965,

    Nefarious. Now there’s a word! On the basis of your timely advice, I have distanced myself from that potentially evil note.

    @ Noel,

    Aha! Perhaps the message was not so very sinister after all. Your reasoning seems sound indeed!

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