What is an Inactivist?

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In a recent late night discussion with a friend, she mentioned that she was formerly an activist. This struck a chord with me, and I instantly engaged my mental engines to churn out a definition for the word inactivist.

After a short while, I gave up. Stumped.

How would you define “inactivist”?

Personally, I keep bumping into the fact that the word suggests a degree of militant belief, yet that seems contrary to the concept of inactivity.

If you have any ideas for jumping this verbal hurdle, please share!

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  1. So government operatives who work to reduce anti-government demonstrations? Or is it more like they try to convince people to chillax? You know, relax, take a day off, lounge, chill out.

  2. I not an inactivist, but I believe in moderation in moderation.

    And activists are some of the most millitant people I know. Da** paradigm shifters!

  3. Hmmmm…so would a person who calms activists down be an inactivist or an anti-activist?

    Reminds me of Mitch Hedberg’s: “I’m against picketing but don’t know how to show it” line

  4. Cactivist-an individual dedicated to cacti related issues, someone who would march in the million-needle march.

    Practivist-an individual who works by simple, straightforward means to support their cause.

    Snactivist-an individual, possibly quite rotund, who believes that the human diet should be divided up into 30 snacks a day, mostly Doritos.

    Wacktivist-an individual that is so intensely enamored by their cause that they have lost all perspective; e.g. Micheal Moore.

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