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Today as I got ready for the day I sat for a few minutes on my couch and watched a YouTube video before leaving home. The video featured a number of giraffes leaping off a few high dives and doing acrobatics in the air while diving. There was no voice over, no branding and no overt message in the video.

It was an interesting video and well made, but definitely odd.

As I went about my workday, I could not help but wonder what subtle influence watching the weird giraffe video had on my day and my decision-making. More broadly, I wonder how all the random things we check out online any given day actually influence us unconsciously.

Side note: although I opted to end the day yesterday sipping on some long-neck bottles of beer, I can’t say that I think watching giraffes really influenced that choice.

Also, sorry about the terrible giraffe graphic. Best I could do with a few minutes on the phone screen.

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  1. @ Conall,

    No, not so much … but I was concerned about how the giraffes didn’t really give each other time to clear the pool before diving in. I felt like there could have been a serious injury there.

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