Todd is God

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A slide with Todd is God painted on the side

Thoughts that came to my head when I saw this graffitti on a park near my house:

(1) God’s name is Todd?!? Really? Really?
(2) Is Todd supporting Rick Santorum’s electoral campaign?
(3) Does Todd, the god, write his own graffitti on parks or was this the work of a disciple?

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  1. If this is the work of Todd’s disciples, what does it say about that they are promoting their deity on a children’s playground?

  2. @Liam, perhaps he’s trying to catch them when they’re young. Young people love conflicting information.

  3. @ Jim,

    Ha-ha. If Todd were trying to attract the young, he would be wise to improve his graffiti art skills. He pretty much stinks at it.

  4. @ Jordan,

    I think the tittle on the ‘i’ in the word ‘is’ makes the ‘T’ in Todd look like a ‘J’ … but that could just be the religious cynic in me.

    Geez! Who would ever pray to a god named Jodd?!?

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