The Wrong Way to Cut an Apple

I never would have guessed that there could be a “wrong” way to cut an apple. Still, the other day, as I sliced up this delicious piece of fruit for breakfast, I got to thinking about the ways I cut various fruits.

In my life, I’ve probably cut an apple seven or eight different ways. Maybe more. Some have been practical and quick, some have been to optimize fruit separated from the seeds, some to permit artistic presentation on the plate and others have just been due to laziness or lack of attention. I would not say that any of these ways has been sufficiently “better” across the board to become my go-to apple slicing approach, even for casual snacking.

Thanks to the internet, I’ve learned some clever ways to slice other fruits which I do find sufficiently better to be worthwhile repeating every time. Watermelon… For instance. That’s one.

I am still looking for a good way to cut strawberries and pineapples. Suggestions welcome! 

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