The Wandering Mind

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Today I shall share with you a little story about the oddities of our brains, our memories and how those oddities effect our ability to write blog posts.

Earlier this morning, I awoke a few minutes before my alarm was due to sound. There wasn’t enough time to go back to sleep, so I just lay there quietly, waking up. As I lay there, an idea popped into my head — an idea that I thought might work as a blog post for today. Over the course of several minutes, and as my bedroom grew slowly but steadily lighter with the rising sun, I developed this idea in my head. I asked myself questions about the idea, pondered various aspects about it and began to formulate opinions and beliefs about this idea. I delved into an engrossing mental exploration.

Suddenly the alarm clock sounded! The disorienting noise crashed into my train of thought and, before I knew what was I doing, I was out of bed and heading towards the washroom to prepare for the day.

It wasn’t until later, when I was in the kitchen making coffee that I realized that I was right in the middle of an interesting thought exercise when the alarm went off. What was I thinking about?!? Really … what was I thinking? For the life of me, I cannot remember any of the details of the mental conversation I was having. I certainly remembered having a specific chat with myself, but I had absolutely no idea about the topic of that thought process.

And so, instead of blogging about whatever was on my mind in the wee hours of today, I am discussing with you just how easily my brain is disturbed by an unexpected intrusion.

The mind sure is a quirky thing, isn’t it?

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  1. I was working up this incredible comment, filled with poignant and humorous observations, when my cat Squints came over and sat in my lap for some pets.

    After a few minutes of scratching his furry noggin’ and watching him close his eyes in deep satisfaction I returned to my laptop only to find my smart comment completely missing from my brain.


  2. I was about to write the most awesome comment in the world, when I happened to read forkboy’s comment. Know all I can think about is kitties. Stupid brain.


  3. I was going to leave this incredible comment about Jordan’s potentially awesome comment, but now I can only think of brains.

    Delicious, tasty brains….

  4. This happened to me again last night.

    I think I was pondering phrases like “That guy is so big, he has his own zip code.” I seem to recall that I wondered how we phrases similar statements before the implementation of postal area codes. “Big enough to attract a Viking raid”? “Large enough to warrant a city wall?”

    I don’t much remember much else of my mental conversation, and, I am not sure this would have developed into a full post anyway.

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