The Deuce for chickenmonkeydog!

Happy birthday to us! That’s right, baby. We’re two years old today. Two years of unmitigated observations about our world, unleashed on the internet for all to enjoy … or ignore, whichever they prefer.

chickenmonkeydog's foreign correspondent in India

To celebrate chickenmonkeydog’s two year anniversary, the editors have once again sent our foreign correspondent out into the field!

Lion with a chickenmonkeydog postcardConall has been assigned a base of Bangalore, but has been tasked with seeking out the quirkiness all over India.  If any of you fine readers happen to be in India between now and July, definitely drop Conall a note at chickenmonkeydog [at] gmail [dot] com and maybe you can meet up.

We wish you all the best as we dive right into Year Three of sharing quirkiness on chickenmonkeydog! Thanks for all your wonderful support, readership and, of course, comments!


  1. Happy second birthday CMD. I’m very happy I found you guys.

    I was going to snap a picture of me with a happy birthday hat and my CMD postcard, but after seeing that other picture my gesture just sucked.

  2. @ Forkboy1965

    And we’re glad you stumbled onto us … we appreciate your regular contributions.

    Yes, that photo submission was pretty over the top, wasn’t it? Very funny indeed!

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