The Almighty 500

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The new year has been so hectic that we’ve neglected to share our celebrations with our wonderful readers. To correct that, we’re sharing now.


Earlier this month, we celebrated the publication of our 500th post! That’s 500 musings, ponderings and conversations on the little aspects of life that catch us by surprise, make us think or that perhaps, just perhaps, make us say ‘Hmmmm …’.

In thinking about our ‘500’, we wondered about other significant 500s. Here’s what we came up with:

  • Indianapolis 500 – very important to auto-racing fans
  • 500 pennies – not so very valuable anymore
  • Apparently, the Year 500 was a leap year
  • Fortune 500 companies are pretty big

So, what other 500s can you add to our list?

P.S. Thanks for hanging with us for the first 500. Here’s to the next 500!

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  1. 500! Yeah alright CMD. That sounds like enough to go around.

    Let’s see…combining all the important 500s above, what do we get?

    500 fortunate leaping fellows compete at the Indy 500 for 500 pennies. That’s noteworthy.

  2. A hearty, if not slightly belated, congratulations to CMD! While a latecomer to the site I certainly enjoy it no end.

    The only significant 500 I have on hand is the $500 (when rounded up) spent on the latest maintenance to the wife’s Subaru.

    Not exactly awe inspiring, eh?

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