That’s the Olympic spirit!

Whilst waiting to head home from London earlier this week, I came across a bus stop that clearly demonstrated proper respect for the amount of time, energy and commitment that coaching staff put into the Olympics.

Coaches bus stop sign

Would you look at that! London has already started getting ready for 2012: they are making bus stops just for coaches. That’s great. That’s a wonderful way to welcome the world to the athletic competition that will be London in 2012. Way to go, Boris!

(We won’t talk about the transportation issues likely to arise in 2012. That will be a post for another day and perhaps even another blog.)


  1. Hi Shefaly –

    That was my thought, but then I wondered if they would also have a bus stop for ‘lounge-chair’ athletes, like me. I certainly feel qualified to shout at the telly and tell the athletes they’re doing it wrong – but I don’t get out of my chair to compete. Ha-ha!

  2. Hi Shefaly –

    Well, not completely wasted. I did take the original photo for this post – and I took it from the bus stop and not my sofa. Ha-ha. In the spirit of inclusiveness, I think they should have bus stops for all the various groups of people heading to the Olympics.

  3. Liam

    Ok I hear you. Do you think they should also have bus stops for IV dope suppliers then? And have that written in many languages since athletes and their suppliers will come far and wide?

  4. Shefaly – whilst there certainly would should be a bus stop for the steroid suppliers at the Olympics as they certainly will be attending London 2012. Yet, I don’t know how many people would wait there – that might make it too easy for the IOC’s anti-doping police. Ha-ha!

  5. @ Ali – Then I have just left your neighbourhood once again, as I crawl west towards Oxford yet again … I thought I felt a tremor in the force as I neared the bus stop.

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