That Is Not a Cube

An ice dispenser

Why do all ice-dispensing refrigerators give the option for “cubes” or “crushed”? The crushed option is an accurate description. Small chards and flakes of ice.

But cubes? They seem more like half moons of ice to me. Three-dimensional semi-circles of watery frozenness.

Admittedly, “cubes” fits a bit better into the small space on the refrigerator control pad, but please! There has to be a better option. Can you help suggest alternatives? Share your thoughts via the comments below.


    • But are they waxing or waning? As the consumer I think I should have this information so that I may make a better ice-consumption decision.

    • Never mind. We don’t like cube. Maybe cube in this context does not refer to the platonic solid, but to an ice cube? I’ve never really seen an ice cube that was actually a cube. Have you? Seems like a hold out from a former era where they cut ice for drinks out of river ice. I don’t know.

    • Thanks! We’re super excited to be back. Our apologies for the extended absence … life, you know.

  1. I like moons. Moons and crushed. Maybe moons and particles, to give it a science twist.

    Then again, full and crushed would be technically consistent. A full piece of ice from the dispenser … or a crushed piece of ice from the dispenser.

  2. Non-crushed. This way the refrigerator maker isn’t committing to anything other than the opposite of their other setting.

    • Ice turds implies a certain level of digestion – or at least a chemical change. The refrigerator only changes the physical state of the H2O.

  3. I am on board with ice moons. I don’t feel like I need to specify how much of a moon or the phase…I just want a nice cocktail chilled with lunar excellence.

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