Soiling the Bread Knife

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There has been a local debate raging for some time about whether or not a bread knife needs to be cleaned every time that it’s used to slice through bread. I argue that it doesn’t get that dirty and therefore only deserves a wipe down in most instances. Those on the opposite side of the argument suggest that every usage of the knife warrants a proper cleaning.

Please, dear readers, weigh in with your thoughts and comments please. How often do you clean your own respective bread knives?

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  1. I first must admit that I use the “bread” knife for many cuttings besides the common loaf.

    That said. Cleaning generally follows.

  2. Our bread knife is only for bread and warrants no more than a nice wipe. But maybe that’s just the former bachelor in me?

  3. I really like a good bread knife. There is a lot of satisfaction for me in cleanly and efficiently slicing through a loaf of good bread. I can definitely understand where you’re coming from in the “it doesn’t get THAT dirty” corner, but it also “doesn’t take that much effort” to give it a full clean, so I have to say I am in the “clean after every use” camp.

  4. I agree that a clean wipe is sufficient in most instances. If I were to use the bread knife to slice, say, meatloaf, then I’d agree that a more robust cleaning regimen would be in order.

  5. There are two considerations herein: whether the knife is used for a single purpose, to cut bread; and how often bread is cut. I would say a wipe would sufficient as long as there is an occasional cleaning. It is analogous to leaving the spoon in with the leftovers. One other thing to consider is that the air is full of bacteria, as are surfaces. So an occasional scrubbing in hot water is always a good thing.

  6. I went and asked my bread knife and it said “Well, I don’t mind that you only wipe me after a quick cutting job, but it couldn’t hurt if you washed me. Sometimes the other knives make fun of me because I don’t get cleaned as do they.”

    So there we go folks…. straight from the stainless steel blade.

  7. If I’m cutting open a bagel I just wipe with a paper towel and slot it back in the knife block.
    If my gf cuts a bagel she tosses the bread knife in the sink. Now it’s dirty, and when I go to slice my bagel I have to wash the knife before I can use it. So annoying.

  8. Gord, completely feel the pain. I am more tending towards the wipe-only-camp compared to my gf. So have to clean the sink tossed knife every once in a while.

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