Russian Proverbs

Parliament vodka logoMoscow State Circus (Part II): I picked up a programme at the circus last weekend. On the back of the programme was an advert by Parliament, a Russian vodka. The advert was a mixed jumble of disjointed marketing statements, all of which could have worked well singly, but juxtaposed together seemed a bit like grape-shot marketing (shoot everything at ’em and something will work!)

So, the good people at chickenmonkeydog have selected the best bit of the advert to share:

Russian proverbs in a Parliament vodka advert

For accessibility reasons, we’ve listed the Russian proverbs below:

“Good brotherhood is the best wealth”

“You can’t forbid living beautifully”

“An old friend is better than two new ones”

“The same song, but with a new melody”


  1. โ€œAn old friend is better than two new onesโ€

    You don’t say. Today the Icelandic PM/ President/ Premier/ whoever was giving a live conference on TV. He said that the Nordic countries stood by Iceland in their banking crisis. But because old friends did not help them, they had to seek help from ‘new friends’.

    Now I wouldn’t be telling you this long-winded story if those ‘new friends’ weren’t Russian, would I? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Clearly the Icelandic people haven’t heard of this Russian proverb!

  2. @ Shefaly –

    Very apropos. Perhaps equally telling is what surely must be Russian for old friend = staryy drug. Check the advert above.

  3. @ Mom – Oh, now you’ve done it! Putin’s cronies will be inviting me for tea now. Is that one lump or two of Polonium-210 for you, Liam?

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