Remembering the Anniversary

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CMD editor south of the equator

In all the holiday excitement that comes with the end of the Gregorian Calendar year, the editors of forgot to thank our newest editor for all his quirky contributions over the past year. We’re hoping to remedy that oversight by posting an image of our young editor on his recent travels to Kampala, Uganda. Apparently, when you take pictures in places south of the equator, the images come out upside down.

We’ll also use this post to remind you that chickenmonkeydog is happy to send our postcards to anywhere in the world. There’s still time to get one on the Christmas tree, if holiday ornaments are your thing. Get in touch with your details and we’ll do the rest.

Quirk it: 0

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  1. Jim! Great to have your quirky-eye on the job for ChickenMonkeyDog.

    Look forward to seeing what hilarity you capture in the future!

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