Our Friends in Greenland!


Hello Good Readers,

We might have also entitled today’s post: Vor bekendte i Greenland.

We’re so pleased to report that our collective efforts to reach the verdant shores of fair Greenland have proven successful. Through the power our our posts, our Facebook wall messages, our Tweets and even our little postcards, we were able to raise the chickenmonkeydog flag to catch the attention of the good people of that noble land.

To celebrate our new friendship with Greenland, we’ve decided the post the national anthem of Greenland on our website.

Nunarput Utoqqarsuanngoravit
(in Danish)

Nangmineq erinllik

Nunarput, utoqqarsuanngoravit niaqqut ulissimavoqq qiinik.
Qitornatit kissumiaannarpatit tunillugit sineriavit piinik.

Akullequtaastut merletutut ilinni perotugut tamaani
kalaallinik imminik taajumavugut niaqquit ataqqinartup saani.

Atortillugillu tamaasa pisit ingerlaniarusuleqaagut,
nutarterlugillu noqitsigisatit siumut, siumut piumaqaagut.

Inersimalersut ingerlanerat tungaalitsiterusuleqaarput,
oqaatsit “aviisit” qanoq kingunerat atussasoq erinigileqaarput.

Taqilluni naami atunngiveqaaq, kalaallit siumut makigitsi.
Inuttut inuuneq pigiuminaqaaq, saperasi isumaqaleritsi.

Our Country Who’s Become So Old
(in English)

Our country, who’s become so old your head all covered with white hair.
Always held us, your children, in your bosom providing the riches of your coasts.

As middle children in the family we blossomed here Greenland,
we want to call ourselves before your proud and honourable head.

With a burning desire to develop what you have to give, renewing,
Removing your obstacles our desire to move is forward, forward.

The way of matured societies is our zealous goal to attain;
the effect of speech and letters we long to behold.

Humbleness is not the course Greenland wake up and be proud!
A dignified life is our goal; courageously take a stand.

(NOTE: The map at the top of this post is a screen shot from Google Analtyics. That Greenland is coloured in green means that chickenmonkeydog.com has had visits from that location.)


  1. Wow! Congrats! As a former Editor, I am so proud of your hard work and accomplishment. 🙂

    (and that national anthem is freaking fantastic)

  2. Good job CMD. I wonder if someone who is a native Danish speaker can answer this: Does English look as much like jibberish as Danish does to non-speakers/readers? I imagine part of the problem is that I am using English phonetics to try to pronounce a non-English word.

    I am a big fan of the national anthem by the way.

  3. Third paragraph. Third word.


    Strangely close to the word illini, don’t you think?

    Note: For those of you who don’t know, Liam and Conall both attended the University of Illinois, where students are called “Illini”.

  4. Also…

    HUGE welcome to Greenland from chickenmonkeydog! We’re so proud to have you here and look forward to your additions to our international community.


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