Operation Greenland

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We like reaching out to new corners of the world, meeting new people and exploring new places. That theme was a big part of what got chickenmonkeydog.com off the ground.

Google Analytics World Map - highlighting Greenland

In recent weeks, we’ve noticed that the good people of Greenland don’t seem to know about our fine blog. We’re saddened to think that the 57,600 who call Greenland home should miss out on what we enjoy 5 days per week.

So, this week we have launched Operation Greenland, a strategy to bring the red, yellow and blue of chickenmoneydog to that northern land. We’ve sent a postcard to Greenland’s Tourism Office — that was particularly exciting as we’ve never posted anything to Greenland before. (Have you?) We’re writing this post and we’re working behind the scenes to reach this important audience.

A postcard to the people of Greenland

So, if you’re a fan of chickenmonkeydog and you like to help us reach out to the people of Greenland, then we need your email. Email your Greenlander friends. Leave comments on this post addressing your love of all things Greenland.

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  1. I love Greenland. From its majestic plains to the mighty fjords to its lush tropical rain forests.

    You know…. I bet a review of your web stats would show that nothing from the planet Mars is following CMD. Perhaps a rocket launch with a postcard taped to the nose cone…..

  2. I’d like to add my voice in support of Greenland. It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit.

    Nuuk, what a cool name for a capital city.

    Come on, Greenlanders! Give us a wave!

  3. @ K,

    We definitely had traffic on the site from Greenland when this post ran. However, Google Analytics tells us that we’ve not had any visits from Greenland since April 2010.

    Why, o, why do we not appeal to the good people of Greenland?

  4. Do you think it’s because they don’t have monkeys there? Their chickens revolted in 1932 and they haven’t gotten over it? Or because their dogs relieve themselves all over the place and the humans are the ones picking it up? Oh wait, that last one applies to everywhere…

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