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Brilliante Weblog Recently, the Quirky Indian flattered chickenmonkeydog by naming our little site as ‘brilliant’. Given the quality of the Quirky Indian’s own work, we were honoured by his praise and, given that our web traffic has increased since then, are very grateful for it.

With that in mind, we wanted to share (in random order) some of our favourite blogs with you:

Great blog written by a guy living in Bangalore and working for a newspaper. We stumbled upon this blog through the Quirky Indian, but we now check into Chup-chap’s blog on a regular basis.

A blog updated with around five posts a day, illuminating interesting (if nothing else) gadgets and devices that people have created. Some are for production and others are just artwork or prototypes. People make some pretty whacky stuff sometimes!

Jan Chipchase
A blog by a Nokia researcher who is looking at trends and trying to predict where Nokia products should be in 3 – 15 years. This site is a non-professional blog, so it just has some interesting photos and comments about details of daily life.

Savage Chickens
A little blog updated daily with a random comic featuring chickens as the characters. Always good for a laugh or a chuckle.

The Rut
Great sketches about all sorts of random stuff. Very funny indeed.

Mr Bacon Pants
It’s about bacon. Enough said.

Quirky Japan Blog
A Canadian fellow living in Japan since 1993 takes photos of and comments on a variety of aspects of Japanese culture and life.

Hey readers, we’re not expecting many comments on this post, so if you wanted to leave one, please do let us know which of our selections that you liked … and tell us about some of your favourites!

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  1. Nokia calls Chipchase (what a fancy name, a bit like Ms Spellings in charge of education in the US) a ‘user anthropologist’. Will mail you an interesting NYT article about him from April (I remember because I read it in California, in print). Fascinating job, enviably so..

  2. Hi Shefaly –

    That would be a brilliant job. Where does one apply?

    And I look forward to seeing the NYT article. Thanks for sending it through.

  3. Am double honoured (if there’s such a thing!)But unlike the other bloggers you have mentioned here, I am a moody guy who blogs in a frenzy or goes into blogging slumber. Glad you guys like my blog!

    PS: I suck at THANK YOU speeches 😛

  4. @ Balu – Akismet is not alone in thinking that most of what I write is spam.

    And I think your ‘thank you’ speech was double-acceptable! Ha-ha!

  5. @ Shefaly –

    That announcement is awesome! Thanks for sharing it.

    And thanks for the Chipchase article. What a cool gig that guy has!

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