No, Not That Valve!

A multi-valve spigot

When I saw this valve spigot on the side of a building, the following conversation popped into my head.

Firefighter No. 1 (inside the burning build): “Okay, Tom, turn that stream on! It’s burnin’ up good in here.”

Firefighter No. 2 (outside at the spigot): “On it! Ugggh! Got it. You should be getting the water now.”

Firefighter No. 1: “Nothing yet. Man, it’s moving quickly here. We need that water up here now!”

Firefighter No. 2: “Um, maybe I got the wrong one. Let me try another valve.”

Firefighter No. 1: “Tom! Tom! Get that water going now!”

Firefighter No. 2: “I’m trying! I’m trying! Going for another valve!”

Firefighter No. 1: “Tom! Hurry!”

Firefighter No.2: “Dammit! Too many valves!”

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