Missing Guitar Solo

Admittedly, I have not seen nearly the depth of monster movies I should have to appropriately research this post. That said, to my knowledge I don’t believe a large monster in any movie has ripped the Hard Rock guitar off the wall and started riffing.

This seems like a major missed opportunity.

If you know of a movie where this happens, please share a link.

If you don’t know a movie where it happens, please let me know which large and in charge beast you’d must like to see strumming.

Although Godzilla probably would tear it up on the guitar, my vote is for Optimus Prime.


  1. Assuming this guitar is 18′ (5.5 meters) tall. Then the proportional height of such a creature would be about 45′ (13.7 meters).

    • @ Liam,

      Well, yes. That would make it not truly normal. However, it would be nice as I imagine you could still see easily from the nose bleed seats at her concerts.

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