Medicinal Warnings

I was reviewing the usage warnings on a bottle of prescription medicine the other day.

Warning on prescription medicine

The relevant warnings are:
May Cause Drowsiness. Alcohol May Intensify This Effect. Use Care When Operating A Car or Dangerous Machinery.

Whilst there are a few warnings on the label, it was the last item that caught my attention. It seemed more of a general warning than one specifically relating to the taking of that medicine. The pharmaceutical company could well have added the following warnings as well:

  • Wait for 30 minutes after eating before swimming.
  • On a related note, always swim with a buddy.
  • Don’t drink and drive.
  • Wear safety goggles when using a power saw or drill.


  1. It leaves one wondering how they categorize dangerous machinery as most machinery under the influence of intense drowsiness could prove harmful to ones health – for example an electric shaver, ATM or hole puncher.

  2. Hi Gazella –

    Welcome to chickenmonkeydog. Thanks for visiting and for commenting.

    As you mention, I am finding myself hard-pressed to come up with any machinery that isn’t dangerous to operate when practically zonked out. Ha-ha!

  3. And why is a car called out separately? Is it the maker’s contention that a car is NOT dangerous machinery?

    Even something as benign as a computer could prove dangerous to use if you’re under the influence, as you might do irreparable damage to your relationship with a friend or colleague (I think we’ve all gotten those drunken IM’s and late night emails!). Still, I will say that some medical devices are machines and are actually designed to be used when a person is partially or entirely asleep.

  4. @ Conall –

    But even those devices meant for use during sleep are supposed to be set up when one is still awake and mentally proficient. Yes?

  5. Pharmaceutical companies have got lazy. Where are all the scary sounding drug names gone? Now it’s just “Round Green Tablet” – medicine will lose all allure if they’re just going to be lazy.

  6. @ Louise –

    Ha-ha! I love your cynicism. Outstanding! Thanks for visiting chickenmonkeydog and even more thanks for the comment. Your view on life is welcome here any time.

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