Let’s get awesome!

Need a little something to get you through to the weekend?

Curious to push the envelope and see exactly how much awesomeness is too much?

Or, are you just interested in upping your awesome quotient and willing to put on a little weight to do that?

Then this might be the place for you!


  1. @ K

    We don’t know the market price for AWESOME at this vendor. But I’m curious, what do you think is a reasonable price for a pound of awesome?

  2. @ Conall

    I think it would depend on the quality of awesome. Is it like a 1980’s cult classic movie awesome or is it the ‘I just won a multi-million dollar lottery drawing and never have to pay taxes again’ quality of awesome? Also, how long do the effects last? Any side effects? Assuming good answers, I would pay about $10.99 for the first kind of awesome and probably a LOT more for the second kind of awesome.
    That being said, the first kind of awesome would be really useful (due to its relative affordability) to have when needing to tackle very monotonous or hard work around the house or office. I think it would definitely up the quality, speed and enjoyment level of the work.

    – does this qualify as too long of a comment for a quirky blog?

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