I’ve Been Turned Blue!

I’ve been turned Blue!
Download PDF (with larger font size) of Chelsea article

Back in November of last year, I had the opportunity to travel back to Rwanda. I travelled with Survivors Fund, a UK-charity which aids survivors of the Rwandan genocide. Also on the trip was a friend of mine, Drew, who happens to be a Chelsea FC supporter.

During the trip, I had a wonderful opportunity to visit the Don Bosco College in Kabaronda Rwanda (towards the east end of the country.) Whilst there, Drew and I played a match of football (soccer) with the local students. We took our photos with the kids there – Drew is a photographer after all. (Match report: whilst I didn’t score in the match, I did manage to get in a couple of assists.)

Then this morning, Drew sent me a page from the most recent Chelsea supporter magazine. There on the page, sure enough, the magazine editors had identified me (me!) as a true-blue Chelsea supporter! They must have cropped the wrong end of the photo (where Drew was standing) and added the line pointing me out. Oh no, how can I ever go to an Arsenal match again?

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