Future Statue Spaces

IMG_4472.JPG See that hole in the side if the building just above the words The Free Library? The little unoccupied alcove cut into the face of the wall.

Do architects put those into buildings in the anticipation that perhaps some day someone will do something great and it would be nice to be able to put a statue of them up in the alcove?

If not that, are they just decorative? Any architects reading who may be able to help answer this?


  1. Hardly likely. I recall on a number of walking tours in London that statues of various generals who did terrible misdeeds, or who at least waged wars that today’s governments would not defend, still stand. No one seems to have the willingness to pull those old statues down.

  2. @Liam – Are you sure, because on the adjacent facade, it looks like the alcove was closed up, all nice and tidy.

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