Friday Gender-Discussion Games

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A Man Town candle

There are so many gender-based stereotypes in this one little candle! It’s impressive.

It’s hard to make out (due to the poor quality of the photo), but the graphic on the label is a hand holding a remote control in front of a television screen showing a men’s basketball game.

The label is on a scented candle.

Please feel free to discuss whatever gender-biases, notions and stereotypes you’d like to address.

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  1. I am a heterosexual man. I don’t like basketball (or any sport that’s not baseball). I can’t stand cable television, and I don’t own a smart phone.

  2. I love candles, and wax burners, and incense. I’m one of those guys that stops in the department store to smell all the candles. Smell has a close association to memory and I’m a very nostalgic person. Why must they judge us so.

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