Design For Litter

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Cup thrown on ground

It’s a disposable cup, not properly disposed of.

It’s an empty bag of potato chips, fluttering on the subway stairs.

It’s trash that’s not been placed in the trash, and now is out and about in the world.

Do packaging designers spend much (or any) time thinking about what their designs will look  like when wedged under a chain-link fence? I am sure they consider the long term environmental impacts at times, but do they consider the visual and tactile aspects of the product in whatever environment it will likely be slowly degrading?

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  1. I love how people consider litter to be pollution. Think about it. Unless it is recycled, it’s going to be somewhere. But out of sight out of mind, I guess. Litter is an eye swore. Landfills are pollution. *steps down from soap box*

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