A Crane in the Wind

A construction crane

On recent visit to the capital city of a nation, I spent the night in a large hotel. The hotel was tall, more than seven stories high. On the the first night of my stay, I noticed a large crane outside the window, overlooking a construction site. The construction site was quiet — no one was working that day.

When I next looked out the window of my room, which was on the mid afternoon of the following day, I noted that the direction of the crane’s boom had changed. Still, there were no workers on site — the work site was quiet.

Do they shift the direction of the boom to follow the direction of the wind? I noticed that on the second day of my stay, the wind (at street level anyway) was pretty strong.

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  1. That’s a good question. It wouldn’t be automation. At least I wouldn’t trust a computer to move such a big piece of machinery. I’m sure they would somehow lock a thing like that down. *shrugs* ???

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