Construction Site Philosophy

Think Safety First

Think ‘Safety First.’  

Think!  Safety First!

Think ‘Safety’ First.

Don’t you think punctuation would help convey the intended meaning behind this sign? Wouldn’t it be better for it to tell everyone to actually be safe as opposed to just thinking about safety? I like to think this company has decided to bring a little Descartes to its construction sites. I think, therefore I am safe.


  1. My first thought was – If you think, you will be safe. Although, at a construction site it seems a little counter-intuititve.

  2. I think the dangers of wandering about a construction site in a philosophical trance would be self-evident: head in the clouds, mind focussed elsewhere and generally unaware of one’s surroundings is a health and safe injury just waiting to happen!

  3. And let’s look a little to the right…at the sign encouraging you to notice that safety glasses and hardhats are required beyond this point. You, by no means have to put them on, but please do take notice that they are required.

  4. @ Steve –

    Since you raised the matter of sauce, I thought I would take this opportunity to let our readers know about curry ketchup. Apparently it’s a Dutch thing. I just tried it last weekend – fantastic! Knocks the socks of plain ol’ regular ketchup. Well worth a trip to Amsterdam to stock up.

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