Complete Formular

As a US citizen I am required by US law to file income tax returns every year, regardless of where I call home. And, because I live in the UK, I am allowed to submit my returns later than the standard date as I automatically get an ‘overseas extension.’

Mid-September is about the time I would expect to be getting a refund from the government on my taxes. With all this talk of the US government giving $700 billion more to people who already have lost billions, I was eager to get my money before that bill gets through Congress.

So, you can imagine my glee when I saw an email from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) come waltzing into my inbox:

screenshot of email from the IRS

Then I read it again. Formular?! Is that like ‘strategery’. Hmmm … unless George W. was personally responsible for writing and editing this email, it’s gotta be a scam.


  1. @ Meg – I am glad that you thought I was daft enough to be fooled into thinking that the email wasn’t a scam. I see you rate my intelligence as rather blunt indeed.

    @ QI – I am not entirely sure that I believe you. Ha-ha!

  2. @ Conall – I was in more of a silly mood when I made those comments, but upon re-reading them, I guess I do come across as snitty. Oops.

    @ Meg + QI – Sorry if I sounded offended. Wasn’t irked at all; in fact, I was amused and just failed to be amusing in return.

  3. @ Meg – Nope, no tax refund for me. Just spam. Spam, spam, spam and more spam!

    But I did just get economically stimulated by the US government. And I need to get that cheque deposited fast or my little economic stimulus is gonna be used to buy lots and lots of worthless mortgages.

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