Cocktails, Cocktails, Why Call ‘Em Cocktails?

The fixin's for a cocktail

I enjoy a nice cocktail. Especially on a Friday evening. As I begin to sip a Gin Martini, I am mostly pondering the etymology of the word “cocktails”.


  1. Like many liquor related things, the word comes from Ireland where several centuries ago leprechauns introduced humans to mixed drinks. Leprechauns, being small, would sip their mixed drinks from the quill of a cock’s tail feather. Humans obviously started using larger glasses, but the name stuck….cocktail

  2. @ Conall –

    Unfortunately none. Of late, I have found myself stone-cold sober. I tell myself it is because I am trying to be healthy, but I think it is because I need to go buy a new bottle of bourbon or whiskey…hahaha.

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