Anonymous Blogger Really That Weird

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Following a recent trend of unnamed bloggers being outed as perhaps the exact opposite of their online identity — a straight man instead of a gay woman, for example — there has been yet another shocking blogger news story. The Lead Code Breaker for chickenmonkeydog has just confessed to being much more weird than he comes across on the blog!

“I am sorry for misleading our readers for so many years. I know it was wrong to pretend that I was just this normal guy living in American suburbia,” the Editor tearfully admitted in a recent interview with NPR. “I really am odd. I say silly things to strangers, I wear silly hats in public, I shout random names at the top of voice in the grocery store. I certainly am not a mild-mannered, quiet, every day kind of guy.”

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  1. Gutted. Dismayed.

    May have to reconsider my subscription to CMD.

    Do you guys reimburse for the unused portion of my paid subscription?

  2. Next you’re probably going to tell us that you just did this to raise awareness about the issues for weird bloggers everywhere!

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