An icy blast right when you need it

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Hot soup?

Warm bed?

Soothing cup of tea?

No thank you!

When I get a cold what I want is to indulge in a nice cool blast, kindly delivered courtesy of my cold medication.

Cold Medicine: Cool Blast Flavor

Seriously, who thought up this flavor for cold medicine? Was it the same guy who came up with the “hot and spicy” flavoring on the anti-inflammatory medication?

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  1. Just as long as they don’t start “flavoring” the suppositories I’m pretty much okay with anything else they do.

  2. @ Forkboy1965:

    How do you think they would conduct taste-tests with suppositories? Couldn’t really do a blind taste-test at the mall, could they? That would just be weird.

  3. @Liam:

    In a day and age of things like Jersey Shore I can’t imagine how we couldn’t find some folks to blind taste-test at the local mall.

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