Addressing the Canadian Problem

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Canadian geese

Canadian Canada geese pose a nuisance to many people in the best of situations and a real danger in some cases. They poop everywhere … and pretty big stuff too, at least for birds. In many ways, Canadian Canada geese are the pigeons of the outdoor world.

Why can we not hunt them? Why don’t we cull them in the same way that many states and countries allow the culling of animals, like deer for example?

To give the fowl their due, I rather do enjoy watching their wonderful V formation flight patterns as they migrate south. And their calls in the morning sky do remind me of the natural beauty of the wilderness. But I think that’s about where it stops for me. Certainly a few of the birds can carry on the tradition when we look to reduce their numbers (in an environmentally friendly way, of course.)

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  1. I just have a quick question. Why are Canadian Geese pigeons of the outside world? Are pigeons not also outside?

  2. Actually, NYC has been seriously culling Canadian geese from around the airports since that terrorist goose attack on Sully Sullenberger’s plane.

  3. @ Ninja,

    It doesn’t surprise me in the least to read that Canadian geese have links to Al Queda. Not surprising in the least …

  4. I think they’re Canada Geese, not Canadian. My guess is that the problem is hunting in populated areas, not a general prohibition of goose hunting.

  5. @ Antfaber

    I believe you are correct on the proper name of the bird, at least according to Wikipedia. Branta canadensis or Canada geese.

    Good thing we included the picture!

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