A Concerning Ratio

A pupil-to-fuel ratio

While passing a school bus recently, I was startled by the words written on the side of the bus, just off the main entrance door. A pupil-to-fuel ratio. That struck me as alarming. That’s just over 9/10 of a gallon of gas per student. Maybe a bit less if we work the bus driver in the equation.

I wasn’t sure where my brain would wander if I let it stroll down that thought path, so I looked the other way and tried to find something else to distract me.

What other less than normal ratios have you seen in the wild?


  1. Most of the gasoline we use goes into moving the vehicle around. Less than 1-tenth of 1% is used to move the driver and each occupant. This is why mass transit is so much more efficient. Having one bus drive 10 people around is so much better than having 10 cars drive 10 people around.

    I don’t like cars. I think they are wasteful and ugly. I really wish my country had embraced trains and buses. Cars were a really bad idea.

    • Yeah, I had a friend who rode a motorcycle. People would get mad at him for using a whole parking space. One time, a lady scowled at him. He noted to her that they were the same. He was a single driver on a motorcycle while she was a single driver in an obnoxiously large SUV. I think it might have even been a Hummer. Hummers are so ugly. They don’t look anything like their military namesake. I’m sorry, I just really like efficiency, and cars are not.

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