A Child’s Challenge

Earlier today, I was stumped by a question asked by a young child: What does the word ‘and’ mean?

Yes, there is the Cambridge dictionary definition, but can you come up with a succinct definition that would be comprehensible by a four year old? I really struggled with it.


  1. I want to know what was ultimately resolved, perhaps the right thing to do it poll four year old’s world-wide and look for a common definition from their point of view!

    @ Shefaly

    Hilarious! Nice connection to our illustrious past president.

  2. @ Shefaly – I didn’t even catch the Clinton reference when I read your comment earlier. Ha-ha. Very funny indeed. In my defence, I read your words pre-coffee.

    @ Conall – To be honest, I’ve yet to deliver an adequate answer. “The word ‘and’ is used when talking about two things together” was about the best I could come up with. It hardly satisfied the child’s search for answer.

    (To clarify, the child knows how to use the word properly in a sentence, but was just seeking a definition.) Do you have any better suggestions?

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