We’re 8 Today!

A great chickenmonkeydog

Although we’re desperately late to our own party, we’re super excited to celebrate our 8th birthday! Since 15-Jan-2008, we’ve published 1,782 posts and 4,915 comments. We’ve also enjoyed blocking 623,680 spam comments.

Thanks to all our readers, fans and writers for making this such a wonderful, quirky place.


  1. Happy Birthday! Thanks to all the wonderful readers and people who leave comments! This site is such a fun, happy, weird place to be. Cheers to all who make that happen!

  2. I think the creators and editors of this blog should sift through those 623,680 spam comments and post the funniest ones…similar to the posts about odd Google searches that bring people to your site.

  3. Are you an ad bot that releases spam comments that are funny and then suggests that a blog admin posts the funniest ones? If so, very clever.


    The Editors of chickenmonkeydog.com are eager to recruit a volunteer to sift through 623,680 spam comments, hunting for quirkiness and humor.

    Please tweet your interest to us via our Twitter account, @cmdonline.

  5. You could post this information on the web somewhere and crowd source the results. A static RSS document seems the most reasonable.

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