To Fetch a Pail of Water

Water pitcher in a sink

Last weekend the water pipes in my kitchen sink started to leak. Not the drainage pipes – just the ones carrying water to the sink. Rather than pay emergency fees to the plumber, I made the decision to allow him to slot my repairs into his work schedule. I was without running water in the kitchen for about four days.

Wow! What a pain it was! I had to walk all the way to the bathroom just to get some water. Water for coffee? Walk to the bathroom. Water for dishes? Walk to the bathroom? Water to rinse your hands? Walk the bathroom. I eventually began to keep a pitch of water (filled in the bathroom) next to the kitchen sink.

As I reflected on my water collecting woes, I eventually realized just how lucky I am. Running water in my house. In multiple rooms. With pipes that take dirty water and human waste safely away. Off and on at my command. I need to stop being such a selfish, lazy, entitled suburbanite.

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