Middle Seat Middle Table

Table on the middle seat
The joy and wonder of flight often falls prey to the middle-seat woes of road-weary travelers. Whether you are stuck in the middle seat or just overcrowded on board, the middle seat is not often praised.

On a recent flight I was seated next to a middle table, a small tray locked into the seat turning it into a table. Is this a retro-fit to make the surrounding chairs more enjoyable? Is it the latest gadget in the seat-reclining wars that have been in the news (following up on the knee defender)?

The evolution of seats and seating arrangements on a plane has been interesting to observe. I am now enjoying my train commute by imagining funny future plane seats…

…empty plane full of exercise balls
…hammocks in the sky
…standing desks for the passengers who want the work en route
…sand filled plane and beach chairs

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