Come. Break Bread with Me.

At a fine pub in Oxford, the beer is tasty, the staff friendly and prompt, the chairs are comfortable, and it really does have all the fittings required for a nice modest night out. Unfortunately I can’t recall the name of the pub at this time, but the most important detail is still sharp in my mind.

In addition to offering a nice variety of food and beverages for your enjoyment, this restaurant also had one unique menu item which,  I must confess, I have never seen on any other menu, anywhere in the world. From the fancy restaurant to the hole-in-the-wall to the street vendors, this item has never been duplicated, as far as I know.

Sign advertising Bread Sharer menu item

Someone to eat your bread with you! If that isn’t thoughtful, what is?  Mind you, you have to pay, but 2.50 is really a very reasonable price for some good company to break bread with, don’t you think?

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