The Choreography of Airline Safety Instructions

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An airplane aisle

Traveling by plane on a recent business trip, I sat in a cramped seat, half-heartedly following along with the safety instructions being announced over the plane’s tannoy. I watched the uniformed cabin crew dutifully pointing, motioning and demonstrating in unison.

And I suddenly began to think about how the choreography of those airline instructions. While each airline carrier has their own set of maneuvers and their own cadence of the vocal instructions, there is a certain consistency to the messaging and the safety protocols.

I wonder if Airplane Safety Messaging Choreographer is an official job title or career:

“Well, I found that Broadway musicals weren’t really for me. What moves me is communicating important safety messages in tight, cramped spaces to a half-attentive audience. The coordinated pointing, the colorful yellow safety vests, the dropping of the air masks from the ceiling. There, in that space, there is where my soul truly comes to life!”

Quirk it: 2 Likes

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