Body Language

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Medicines and tissues

I like to think that everything has a purpose, especially when it concerns messages from our bodies.  We feel thirsty when we are dehydrated.  We feel tired when we need to sleep.  And, of course, the fight or flight response when there is a threat.  

However, I recently was suffering from an illness and had a message that I couldn’t figure out – I was so hungry that my stomach was growling and yet I couldn’t find a food that was appetizing.  I would think “Soup is good for when you’re sick and I could easily slurp down some soup, right?” and after making the soup, I couldn’t bring myself to eat it. I found numerous other foods that I normally like to be revolting as well.  

What is the point of that?!  Shouldn’t the body suppress hunger if it doesn’t actually want any food?  I’m sure there are other seemingly pointless things our bodies do, but I found this one to be very frustrating!

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